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PZC 1 Discord group?

BeitragVerfasst: Fr 23. Jul 2021, 11:43
von Ironfist
Hello, I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I am asking a question that has been answered already.
Is there a Discord Group for Panzer Corps 1? if so what is the name and who could I message about joining the server?
Also if there is none Would anyone be interested in creating one?
I have Pazercorps 1 Vanilla + ALL of the DLC and the GTPG Mod, the 35-39 Mod and would like to try out other Mods, I have about 800+ hrs playing PC1 and about 50-75 hrs Playing the GTPG Mod (which is great, but a little on the hard side)
I would love to be able to talk to some of the long-time players about some questions I have.

Re: PZC 1 Discord group?

BeitragVerfasst: So 25. Jul 2021, 14:37
von asuser
Hello Ironfist,

we don't have that many players who still play PC1. The high phase for this game and the additional DLC was more likely in the period between 2013-2019. In our forum we have therefore our own thread where questions can be asked and answered, all without Discord, it worked well.

Re: PZC 1 Discord group?

BeitragVerfasst: Mo 26. Jul 2021, 04:00
von Ironfist
Thanks for your reply, is there a thread to that discussion group or is the discussion group no longer active?
I ask because I just discovered PC1 about 2 years ago and it was the game I had been looking for for some 20 years, I first fell in love with the Civil War game.
Civil War Generals 2 Grant/Lee Sherman. Which in many ways is just like PC1 (CIV WAR GEN 2) is a FANTASTIC GAME if you have never played you should check out the game on Youtube.
While it is based on the American Civil War it was SUPER easy to Mod and it did have a few very cool ideas such as rear charges doing more damage.
For example (it is hex-based just like PZC1) so lets say you have an infantry unit on one side of an enemy unit and attack that unit but you also have a unit on the exact opposite side of the unit you just attacked, when you select that unit a "Charge Button" appears, now you can do a normal attack but if you choose to "Charge" you can end up doing like 50% more damage then normal it even has audio that calls out "CHARGE!!!" so even though it was a late 90's game it had some Ideas that PZC1 should have put in.
Just check out Civil War General 2 on youtube, I think you would really like it.


BeitragVerfasst: Sa 25. Jun 2022, 20:54
von AlinalCoaft
Hello everbody

i am looking for good old uo players.

myself i startet at 1998 secons age was a dream .we had boxes in the wild
i played 13 years and quit .try to find people in the same age of uo knowing?
Make a guild or discord groupI HATE DISCORD
but new times
sorry for bad englisch and i was drunk